Challenges in process management

Process management is a cross-organizational discipline aiming at filling white spaces in end-to-end processes. White spaces may exist anywhere: between companies of a supply chain, between teams, between systems or even between organizational levels. Process leadership is vital whenever a white space affects the customer.

Unfortunately, traditions and information systems don’t yet satisfy needs of Process management. Major challenges are depicted in a fish bone diagram below.

Process management - challengesJPG

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Experiences with the Qlerify process tool

Qlerify is an AI-powered software design tool that helps teams accelerate the improvement of enterprise business processes.  I have been using Qlerify for over a year. It has done an excellent job with the following tasks.

- Describing the process in a remote meeting with the whole team. Super easy and fast!

- Maintaining the process so that information is not scattered in many places. Really practical!

- Providing a format for how subject matter experts describe their needs to software developers. Actionable way!

Qlerify has introduced me to two excellent frameworks:

- BEAM, Business Event Analysis & Modelling

- Domain Driven Design

Qlerify has also brought AI into everyday life by quickly creating an idea of what a new process might look like and what data is created, modified and used in the process. Qlerify is well on its way to turning a target process into software code.

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